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Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Reiki: 

             $60/1 Hour;  $85/90 minutes;  $110/2 Hours


Hot Stone, Prenatal, I'm ready to Deliver Massage:

                            $75/60 minutes;  $90/90 minutes


Reflexology:      $35/30 minutes


Seated Chair Massage:

                             $1/minute; add minimal travel fee (call for details)


Ear Candling:     $35 for both ears


Paraffin Wrap on either hands or feet:  

                            Add $10 to any body treatment session.



See side of webpage for occasional specials!  

Prepaid packages:   new prices on their way!     

Refer 3 clients and after they've completed their sessions you will get an hour free. 

Purchase 10 regularly priced sessions in one year and the 11th session is free!  

*Packages may be shared with friends or family.








I enjoy serving clients from the weekend athlete, stressed out executive, 24-hr on-call mom or wife, retiree's that finally have "that time", to the couch potato who has been hurting so long they "just can't get up." 
"Basically, everybody deserves a massage!"

My table has a heated table warmer covered wih 1" of high quality fleece.  I wash my sheets in fragrance free detergent.

Chronic Sufferers Relief:  My Specialty!  Myofascial release, some swedish and alot of trigger point, INIT, Positional release and PNF. Perhaps some cranial sacral, shiatsu or acupressure thrown in. Very deep work that with regular application I've found to correct pain that has been there a long time.  Remember this stuff built up over a long period so often it takes from 1 to 6 treatments to retrain that neuromuscular connection to act in a different way.  This comes with stretching homework and suggestions on how to correct bad habits.  Most times I've found that; especially in the begining, 1 &1/2 hour appts. are needed at least.

Fibromyalgia Massage:
  For those that have pain upon touch.  I've found that at least a half hour of Reiki calms the nervous system to the point a client can then experience a light Swedish massage.  Always, within your comfort zone, each subsequent session will build to releasing myofascial rescrictions then trigger point therapy releasing the initial trauma tension site.  These techniques become integrated more into the session within your comfort level.  Clients soon benefit with better sleeping patterns, better circulation, more energy, and an increase in flexibility among other feelings of wellness.

Magic Carpet Ride:  Seeking a true escape from the tension or stress?  This massage will consist of a heated back warmer made of flax seed being placed on the shoulders & back.  Then Swedish massage is given emphasizing long flowing strokes.  Special attention is given first to the legs & feet, with, perhaps some reflexology added for toning and balancing specific problem  areas.

A Classic Way to Relax:  A traditional full body Swedish massage:  long flowing strokes, kneading and effleurage applied as you prefer; light or heavy compression followed by gentle stretching.  A great introduction to massage will leave you feeling calm, centered and invigorated.  Very beneficial to reduce stress, maintain the circulatory system and improve immune function. 

Prenatal Massage:  Performed in a side-lying and elevated supine position using Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure and Joint Mobilization techniques; the new mom will find relief from naseua, low back and hip pain, hormonal fluctuations, swollen ankles and help soothe and calm the baby.  Please check with your OBGYN if massage is okay for you to receive.  *Some conditions require a medical release form.

I'm Ready to Deliver Massage:  Similar to the Prenatal massage, more emphasis is placed on aromatherapy and acupressure points to stimulate labor to occur.  Suggestions for partner support to ease the labor process and training to work acupressure points may be included if requested. 
Please check with your OBGYN if massage is okay for you to receive.  *Some conditions require a medical release form.

Hot Stone Massage - Deep, medium or light.
Stress Buster
Weekend Athlete
Chair Massage - Contact me for your event, party, or wellness day at the office to set up specifics for this outcall service!

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